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How is the session going?

AYO TANTRA  Massage égyptien et tantrique pour femmes & hommes à Paris et Boulogne-Billanc

Practitioner in meditative, psycho-corporal and holistic massages for 8 years, I offer energetic, physical and emotional accompaniments to release stress, fatigue and emotions. I am aimed at an adult audience - men and women - wishing to recharge, to work on themselves or in addition to psychological follow-up.

By a slow and conscious touch, I create a privileged space to allow you to be with yourself, to explore your inner world while being energetically accompanied and ultimately, to reconnect with your body.

How does a tantric massage session take place?

A tantra session is singular, personal and unique. There is no standard pattern or codes during a session.


Sessions take place in private practice, in Paris and Boulogne-Billancourt. A shower is available before or after the massage.


First, we take the time to discuss your intentions, what you are looking for, your expectations; and on the way I work, in particular the framework and limits of my services.


Then, you are invited to sit comfortably on the tatami (on the ground) for a massage with organic sesame oil. Slow gestures and gentle techniques gradually lead you to connect with yourself, while regular breaks invite you to take the time to breathe. The massage is a moment for you, an invitation to deep meditation.


With ethics and listening, I may massage you with the hands, forearms, face and the chakra to chakra connection that helps you deepen your emotional inner journey. 


At the end of the treatment, I leave you a moment of integration and we can discuss your feelings if you wish.

What to expect from a tantric massage?

My approach is gentle and very slow with moments of pause so that you can take the time to reconnect with yourself and breathe.


All the sessions I offer are a bubble for you, a bubble where you can:


࿓take the time to feel what is going on inside you

༄welcome and evacuate emotions

࿓ relax in the sweetness

༄ reconnect to the emotional

࿓ restore you spiritually

The issue of nudity:


From a tantric point of view, nudity has a sacred dimension and is devoid of any sexual connotation. In terms of physical feeling, it helps to intensify the feeling of bodily unity.


Although tantric massage is traditionally practiced on a naked body, you have the possibility of keeping an underwear, according to your convenience. The golden rule is that you listen to each other, feel safe and respect each other.


As a practitioner, I provide tantric massages dressed.

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