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Image de Aman Shrestha


Psycho-corporal and emotional

Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt

"Authentic tantric spiritual massage" 

"Tantra aims to teach the art of weaving the healthy, nourishing "relationship", towards more unity with oneself and more harmony with others"

It is “an art of living and loving (…) to reintroduce the sense of the “sacred””, of touch, of connection and an invitation to be present to what is, to accept it, to welcome it, without judgment, without expectation, without objective to ultimately access energy, a deep connection to oneself and a bubble of well-being.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is an accompaniment in an introspective journey, a meditation, a moment to explore your inner world, a time dedicated to yourself, with yourself and for yourself.

It is characterized by a slow touch, in consciousness without the will to do or intention of result but by a touch of the moment, listening and emanating from the full presence of what is allowing the body and the spirit to find all their sacred dimension.

With gentleness and benevolence, the practitioner helps circulate your energy originating in the life drive to bring you to forgotten inner sensations, to states of peace and deep relaxation, even ecstatic.



Tantric massage has a therapeutic intention.

it is in no way a paid service of a sexual or erotic nature, nor reciprocal.

If that is your request, I will be unable to satisfy it.


Who is a tantric massage for?

Tantric massage is for anyone in an authentic approach to reconnect with their body, meet with themselves and get to know themselves better. When you are about to receive a tantric massage, you come with the conscious mind to experience a moment of openness to yourself, your body and your inner world. You come to cultivate your inner richness, open your heart and your conscience, welcome the emotions that arise, take advantage of a moment in which you can breathe, relax, live a moment of intimacy with yourself, love yourself.

As a practitioner, I provide tantric massages dressed.

“The secret to happiness is doing what you love”

Buddhist sentence



Tantric massage is a introspective sacred journey to the heart of your life energy in which I undertake to accompany you with the greatest kindness by a slow and conscious touch.

Tantric massage allows:
- Physical and mental well-being
-Peace of mind
-A sense of unity
-An authentic relationship with oneself and with the other
- release emotions
-To find a sacred dimension of the body
-To reaffirm his love, his sensuality
-To restore bodily communication
-Better circulation of energy
-The awakening of the senses
-To accept its bright and also darker parts
-To regain vitality
-Relieve stress and anxiety
-Connect to your inner child

How do we access the energy during a tantric massage?

So that I can best accompany you in the circulation of your energy, it is important to come with an conscious mind to experience a moment of openness and connection from oneself to oneself, to one's body and to one's inner world.

The circulation of this energy begins in relaxation and welcome, its invitation is "to learn to appreciate the journey as it is and not its destination."

The body and the mind are confident and without expectations other than to cultivate one's inner richness, go through one's emotions, to finally reach states of peace and deep relaxation, even ecstatic.

This massage offers to live a unique experience of authenticity to open the heart and the conscience, to take advantage of a moment when the body finds all its sacred dimension and to co-create a space in which you can re-connect, breathe and relax.

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